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Vienna State Opera Buffet

An enjoyable intermission in the Vienna State Opera

The exquisite specialties of Gerstner are offered before and during the performance.  Visit us at the State Opera and indulge both your ears and your taste buds! We offer beverages and gourmet snacks that are served at your reserved table before the performance and during intermissions.

We gladly take your orders up to 24 hours before the performance. Please contact our staff before the performance and show your confirmation. Would you like to order for each intermission, please do so by filling-in two different order forms.

For a short-term order or cancellation, please call us directly directly - Phone: +43 1  512 20 86 or Email:

Select your delicacies ahead of time now!

Gerstner Medaillons

7 pieces

  • 2x salomon
  • 1x ham
  • 1x brie
  • 1x crayfish
  • 1x prosciutto
  • 1x radish/cream cheese

 14,20 €
Opera platter

Cold fish and meat variation & 1 roll

ATTENTION: your preorder for the Opera Platter can be accepted 2 days in advance only.

 13,80 €
Beef Tartare with toast

ATTENTION: your preorder for the Beef Tartare can be accepted 2 days in advance only.

 13,80 €
Champagner, Laurent-Perrier Brut


 28,60 €
Champagner, Laurent-Perrier Brut


 57,20 €

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